In collaboration with Waters Corporation we have interfaced DART® technology to the compact and affordable Acquity QDa detector.  The combined product provides an easy-to-use analysis system with built in thermal profile mass analysis (TPMA) capability offered in the DART® SVP version.  The DART-QDa is available in either a conventional fixed lab configuration or as a Mobile unit integrating everything you need for high quality mass analysis on a single industrial strength cart. 


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Latest Publications and App Notes

Phthalate Fragmentation With DART-MS

Plasticizers have become a staple in the production of consumer products, home improvement supplies, and almost any synthetic plastic ...

Fragmentation of Pharmaceuticals with DART-MS-MS

Over-the-counter pharmaceuticals contain active ingredients, which, if incorrectly measured or selected, could significantly impact the ...

Screening of PDE-5 Inhibitors in Illicit Dietary Supplemnts using a DART Source Equipped Waters ACQUITY QDa Mass Detector

Screening for Drugs of Abuse in Urine

Direct analysis of dithiocarbamate fungicides in fruit by ambient mass spectrometry

Dithiocarbamates (DTCs) are fungicides that require a specific single-residue method for detection and verification of compliance with ...

High-throughput Screening of Kratom with a DART XZ-Scanner

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Chemical Analysis

Powders or Liquids: Instant mass analysis with little sample prep.
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Drug Development

Assay drugs and their metabolites in urine or blood using our new SPE-it® probe technology.
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Food Safety

Determine raw material ID and check for contamination.
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Instant analysis to detect narcotics, new synthetic drugs and seized material analysis in seconds.
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Quality Control

Monitor synthesis or check for purity in seconds per sample. analyze your products and even packaging.
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Threat Detection

Instant feedback threat detection enabled by library search. Swipe and analyze liquids, surfaces or solids.
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