Job Description 
Posted 07/14/2021

Division/Department: Sales
Location: Saugus, MA
Job title: Sales Order Manager
Reports to: VP of Operations

Success in the position

Mission, vision, and values: The company mission is to create opportunities for our customers to utilize our technology for success in their careers and companies while increasing the value of our products to those customers

Measured for performance: Execute efficient and timely communications and transfer of information to appropriate parties. Follow company processes accurately and comprehensively.

Accomplishments for reward and recognition: Meet or exceed process metric goals, and improve processes based on collected data. Complete training programs to further knowledge in related skills, software, or industry.

Job Functions


  • Maintain general office equipment and supplies
  • Manage incoming phone calls, mail, web traffic via [email protected], and fax communications
  • Manage IonSense office maintenance issues with Interstate Properties
  • Manage planning and logistics of IonSense gathering/social events and parties,
    • ASMS conference sales training and dinner
    • Shareholders’ meetings in conjunction with Board Secretary
  • Maintain and Organize Patent and Trademark documents


  • Manage general sales related questions from distributors, and inquiries from the web traffic, by answering or directing the customer
  • Process all sales orders
    • Review sales order contracts for accuracy of information and customer requirements.
    • Follow up with customers for clarifications, if necessary
    • Enter relevant sales order information into accounting (Sage50) and CRM (SalesForce) software and distribute relevant information per production processes
    • Provide customer order confirmations
  • Process Credit Card sales
  • Distributors
    • Maintain relationships and communicate with international distributors regarding pricing, orders, conferences, and other relevant information
    • Update and distribute Agency Agreements at the direction of Sales and Operations departments
  • Maintain sales documentation and records including sales price lists and sales orders and distribute price list to relevant parties


  • Submit Requests and provide information to Insurance Agent for Certificates of Insurance
    • Relevant for conferences, installations in California and other states with similar requirements, and freight shipments


  • Manage and execute all shipments necessary to conduct company business including customer orders in North America, international distributor orders, demonstration products, and conference materials
    • Schedule shipment pick ups with shipping vendors
    • Create and maintain shipping documentation including packing lists, waybills and Commercial invoices
    • Maintain shipment schedule
  • Oversee accounts, including reviewing weekly invoices and approving for payment to AP, and relationships with shipping vendors
  • Support incoming international shipments going through customs
  • Support specialized shipment scenarios such as Letters of Credit


Education & Work Experience:

  • High school diploma
  • 5 years’ experience in office/sales administration
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office Software, particularly Excel and Word
  • Familiarity with Sage50 accounting software

Interested applicants should email [email protected].

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