DART for Food Quality Control and Food Safety

The evolution of economic adulteration has taken the food and supplement industry by storm.  Analytical methods designed for food quality control can be augmented by using our rapid non-targeted screening capability.  Something smells bad? Don’t launch a multi-day or multi-week method development program, just fire up your DART-MS and improve your knowledge in seconds.

Here's How:


Directly Analyze Solids of All Shapes and Sizes

Whether it's whole coffee beans, full cinnamon sticks, or even raw meat or burgers, you don't need to waste time with hours of sample preparation for answers and unique spectra you could get immediately. Sampling for residues of solids and their surface volatiles give a more unique picture of the sample for characterization and authentication than just simply extracts. For many food and beverages this type of direct sampling is enough even to detect unwanted contaminants such as pesticides, mycotoxins, or packaging additives.


Directly Analyze Viscous Liquids and Extracts

Most liquids are easily analyzed by the DART ionization source, with the benefit of not requiring previous sample pre-treatment. Even viscous liquids like olive oil and honey don't need all of the added dilution steps to avoid contaminating the mass spectrometer; using our 24-Pin Sampler, the metal pins only pick up an extremely small volume of sample for introduction to the ionization source. This small volume is plenty of sample to get results with the DART-MS system, yet not too much as to cause contamination and cleanup.


Easily Generate Statistical Models

The quick, high-throughput sampling options we offer with DART make statistical modeling softwares a useful tool in characterization and authentication of food and beverage samples. Additionally, getting a complete picture of the sample components without preparation and extractions with DART makes it easier for statistical models to find differences and differentiate between samples. 



Perform Direct, High-Throughput Screening


Directly screen your high volume of food and beverage samples for contaminations in minutes, before turning to the time-consuming sample prep and analysis steps for further interrogation. Use our high-throughput platform with post acquisition proceessing software AnalyzerPro XD, and analyze 96 samples in 6 minutes.

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