IonSense Application Notes

Real and Synthetic Urine by DART-SPME


Urine has long been the sample of choice for drug screening of employers and law enforcement investigators. This of course has led to ...

Detecting Explosives


To demonstrate DART®'s ability to detect explosives in complex matrices, a sample of pond water was spiked with mixture ...

Gunshot Residue, Negative Ions


Negative Ion mass spectrum of Gunshot Residue (GSR) shows significant ions related to nitroglycerin and other materials.

DART® Detection of Fingerprints


Experiment: Apply one microgram of TNT to a fingertip. Make successive fingerprints on ABS plastic. Analyze plastic using DART.

Diesel fuel from an arson scene


DART® enables sampling directly from solid surfaces such as carpet fiber and tires.

Trace components in vapor can be easily ...

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