The simplicity of using OpenSpot® Cards has driven us to produce the new DART®-OS source. Designed for streamlined sample analysis, DART® users can now just drop the card into the top opening to present the analyte in exactly the right position for successful analysis. After a few seconds the card is removed and discarded, leaving no solvent or vials to send out for disposal. The DART®-OS source utilizes Transmission mode DART® ionization by passing the heated carrier gas through the sample held on the screen of the OpenSpot® Card. DART®-OS has no moving parts, you simply mount it on your MS unit, start the VAPUR pump, turn on the source and go.

Features of the DART®-OS include:

  • An enclosed desorption ionization region for containing vapors and minimizing sample contamination
  • Reproducible sample positioning for improved quantitation
  • Easy-to-implement dopant methods for ionizing or derivatizing challenging samples
  • Simplified hardware for quickly mounting and dismounting to your LC/MS