Introducing our new JumpShot® Technology (launched at ASMS 2020) with Pulse gas flow capabilities for DART®. DART® is already an easy way to complete ambient pressure desorption ionization MS. With JumpShot®, DART gets improved speed and throughput, reduced ambient background, and up to 95% helium gas consumption reduction.

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This system replaces the former DART-SVP


Improved Speed

Our pulse gas technology provided by JumpShot significantly increases analysis speed and reduces analysis time. You can triple the number of samples analyzed in the same amount of time it would have taken with conventional continuous flow DART.

Watch our video on the pulse gas capabilities of JumpShot!


Standardized Settings For Simple DART® Operation

Our Controller makes operating your source easier by setting voltage, gas, and pressure for the DART® Cartridge, so all you do is select an ion polarity, temperature, and position your sample for successful analysis.

Optimized Settings:

The DART controller takes the guesswork out of setting your DART® by coming preloaded with the optimal settings.


DART® Experiment Modules

DART® technology simplifies the analysis of samples in a wide range of disciplines by removing sample preparation and providing results in seconds. Our experiment modules were designed to make your setup time just as quick and easy. 

See our available Experiment Modules under DART-SVP
  • 12 DIP-it® Holder- This module easily attaches and detaches in seconds allowing for multiple rows of samples rapidly.
  • QuickStrip Module - Spot solid powders or liquid samples onto wire mesh screens
  • 24 Pin Sampler - Metal pins collects small volume of sample formatted to permit transfer from the wells of a SBS-384 format well plate.
  • SPE-it Module - Directly desorb extracted analytes off of SPME fibers
  • Tablet Carrier- Production of devices customized to position your tablet can be completed for a fee, contact us for details about this service.
  • TLC Plate Holder- This holder attaches to the linear rail, which can scan your sample at a constant rate.
  • Adjustable Tweezer Base
  • 3+D Scanner- for analysis of chemicals present on surfaces.


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