Thermal Desorber

Do you need an accurate screening method for drugs and explosives that is quick enough to reduce your backlog of samples?

DART analysis combined with the Thermal Desrober is an innovative system that combines thermal desorption technology with DART-MS for threat detection. It offers rapid detection of a broad range of threats, including but are not limited to explosives and narcotics.

Similar to conventional IMS techniques, DART-MS with our custom Thermal Desorber delivers rapid detection. Simply swipe an area or surface with PTFE-coated fiberglass swabs and insert them into the DART-Thermal Desorber for near instantaneous thermal desorption and characterization of samples in as little as 6-10 seconds.
Pair the DART-Thermal Desorber with PIMISA, our reverse library search software program containing a library curated with over 1000 drug compounds, to automatically detect any drug or explosive residue present.


Features of the Thermal Desorber

• Compatible with PTFE-coated fiberglass swabs

• External temperature controller offers precise control of desorption temperatures up to 250°C

• Secondary inlet enables dopant delivery devices such as permeation tubes for enhanced detection

• Detection in approximately 10 seconds or less

• Minimize false alarms with mass spectral information

• Permits detection of peroxide explosives and inorganic explosives such as perchlorates and nitrates

• Compatible with any LC/MS system


Download the Thermal Desorber Product Note here.



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