Thermal Profiling of Tablets

2010, Dec, 14


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The DART® SVP features the automated sampling stage that permits repetitive scanning across a single sample or set of samples as shown below.

Up to 10 tablets can be placed on the sampling stage. Selecting the Temperature Profile Method from the I POD Touch Library allow you to set specific temperature values for each of a series of tablet analyses. Lower temperatures (150C and under) often yield results that are useful for determination of coatings and flavor compounds. As the temperature increases the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) molecules and finally at high temperature information about the excipient is often available although in this case the Tylenol excipient is more likely to appear in the negative ion mass spectrum and thus does not appear.

Thermal profiling methods run without operator interaction once the method is developed. Once the optimum conditions for tablet analysis are identified, it is straightforward to simply set that method for future QC assessment of the tablet. In this case the analysis at 350C appears to provide the most reasonable temperature for simultaneous determination of the presence of the anticipated API's.

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