Development and validation of AccuTOF-DART® as a screening method for analysis of bank security device and pepper spray components

Authors: Allison Pfaff, Robert R. Steiner
Forensic Science International. 2010, Jun, 18, Article in Press,


Analysis of bank security devices, containing 1-
methylaminoanthraquinone (MAAQ) and o-chlorobenzylidenemalononitrile
(CS), and pepper sprays, containing capsaicin, is a lengthy process
with no specific screening technique to aid in identifying samples of
interest. Direct Analysis in Real Time (DART®™) ionization coupled with
an Accurate Time of Flight (AccuTOF) mass detector is a fast, ambient
ionization source that could significantly reduce time spent on these
cases and increase the specificity of the screening process. A new
method for screening clothing for bank dye and pepper spray, using
AccuTOF-DART®™ analysis, has been developed. Detection of MAAQ, CS, and
capsaicin was achieved via extraction of each compound onto cardstock
paper, which was then sampled in the AccuTOF-DART®™. All results were
verified using gas chromatography coupled with electron impact mass
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